George Blamey-Steeden

garden 20201

‘I risked a pollen attack and a bout of hay-fever in the back bee friendly garden for this. Why?’ 

Like last week another older song, not yet to appear on an album. Recorded back in 2014 in a lonely bedroom one dark night, a song about day to day life. Lyrics first, the song itself follows on behind along with a pic of my unusual meal (Why+1?)

Storm clouds on the horizon
No red sky tonight
The wind blows away the magic
Of a starry, starry night

Melissa cries for Candy
Candy dreams of John
John is suicidal
On how it all went wrong

Larry plays the old guitar
Kate the mandolin
And Finn plays the accordion
They’re busking in Berlin

It’s a game of names and fortunes
A game played out in time
A game of life that ends in death
A mountain we must climb

And John’s looking…

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