One Way to Avoid Regret – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


When we first start a new endeavor, our ultimate success or failure is often even odds. Tipping the scales in our favor comes from putting our best effort towards our goal.  A dogged determination helps us through setbacks and challenges, and an optimistic attitude keeps our spirits lifted.

If we are fortunate, help arrives when we flounder, and mentors who have traveled a similar pathway, offer guidance allowing us insight with the journey along our chosen path. Setting and striving for a goal, giving it our lazar focus, our finest effort is noble. By doing the best we can, we become a better, more confident, and we never need to wonder “what if.”  In life, daily work improves us and defines success. Look around and admire the fruits of your labor.

How can you do your best today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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