Let’s talk Rubbish!

Peacock Poetry

At the beginning of 2019 I decided to do my (very minuscule) bit for the environment by trying to pick up a piece of litter that I didn’t drop on a daily basis. We are also trying to use less plastic at home and use our own composter etc and although far from being eco-warriors, we’re trying. You have to start somewhere hey and little changes in your day to day habits seem a good place to start.


What does it take to put a piece of litter in the bin?

To show respect to this amazing world that we live in?

When will we cease to cause disease to underwater creatures

by casting bottles out to sea despite the headline features?

When we will learn this is our turn to treat the earth with reverence?

When will the penny drop, it’s us that’s causing nature’s severance?

A big…

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