Author Interview – James Maxstadt

It's Good To Read

My third interview in “The Author Speaks” is with James Maxstadt, who has written the delightful “Tales of a Nuisance Man”

He is a busy man – just finished the sequel to Tales, in the middle of two other novels, and building ideas for yet another! I am really grateful he found the time (somewhere!) to give us his thoughts, and an update on what’s going on with him!

The Book Itself:Tales of a Nuisance Man

This is a short story collection with a fantasy twist. The storyteller is the Nuisance Man himself, Duke Grandfather, as he regales his grandson with stories of his past. A great YA read, or adult read to the kids!

Book:            Tales of a Nuisance Man

Published:  November 14th, 2017

ISBN:            1979198756

Now my favourite bit!!

Please give us a little…

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