Author Interview – Wendy Drinkwater

It's Good To Read

My tenth interview is with chatty and bubbly Wendy Drinkwater, who wrote Hobbs’s Horrific Arts and Gifts,a fun, entertaining take of the horror genre.

Wendy looks after her two cats, and her husband, while fitting in a busy work schedule at a non-profit! However, she will ALWAYS find time for a cat-natter! She SAYS she’s shy, but read on and decide for yourself!!!!


Book: Hobbs’s Horrific Arts and Gifts

Published: March 23, 2018

ISBN: 9781978105676)


Please, give us a little more about the person behind the book:

I was born outside of Chicago, and my family lived all over the country by the time I was 18 (though mostly in the Midwest). I currently live in Madison, Wisconsin, with my husband and two delightful cats. I work at a nonprofit as my day job, and I love having the chance to give back to…

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